About Us

History of Cannabis Museum launches in 2017. The Museum is a world-class visitor attraction based in Hazel Park, Michigan. It has over 16 curatorial and research departments such as: Publications, Films and Artifacts. There are over 300 items in the museum’s collection, all carefully documented and illustrated to help the public understand all aspects of cannabis and hemp from a social; cultural, medical, legal, technological, historical and current perspective.

Learn about the biochemistry of Cannabis; chromosomes and genome, taxonomy and its etymology. In addition, the museum examines the ancient and religious uses of cannabis; historical hemp, medical and recreational use through to present day. The museum collection include items depicting the propaganda that lent to its social demise in the 1930s to its revival as a more socially acceptable plant and medicine within mainstream society.  The museum also feature items from the 60s and 70s that were considered part of the hippie generation. There are items from Woodstock, Cheech and Chong, High Times, Haight- Ashbury, The Grateful Dead and many other notable iconic items never before displayed in one single place. Learn how drug testing methodologies have changed over time and experiment with our instant drug testing kits onsite. 

Check out our greenhouse where you can see, smell, touch and photograph living cannabis plants and better understand its natural makeup; cannabis cultivation and reproduction.

The Smoke Lounge is for Members over the age of 21 only. It is a place where our members are invited to relax at the museum. The smoke lounge is catered by an onsite dispensary service offering our guests a bold menu of cannabis flavored coffee, cakes and pipes.

The museum is a centre of knowledge. We play a central role in educating the general public, governmental bodies and scientific research departments about the legacy, role and potential impact of Cannabis in society.

We are serious about Cannabis.


Our Vision and Strategy

We aim to challenge how people think about how cannabis impacts the world. Its past, present and future.


Board of Directors

Curtis Goure & Charles Strackbein.